“Comp Check” lyrics by @ShoreShot

“Comp Check” lyrics by ShoreShot – free download off, “speakINvolumesS”  http://soundcloud.com/shoreshot/jerseyshoreshowdiss

To see snookie eat a cookie I don’t even bother/ 2 watch the jersey shore sho I don’t even wanna/ they aint even local, it would be my honor/ to clean up, “the trainwrecks,” kill all the drama/
Its Just what the doc ordered/ shot’s shore II
put em on blast cuz they’re not from the water/the cast went from smaller to no longer/
Leave the real jersey, shore show a goner!

I’m not sorry its a fact (bro) pauly d is wack (so)
If you had his swag you’ll be shore to give it back (sho)
I aint got an automar, I don’t own a yacht yet, grew up by the boardwalk, not from the projects, no its not your fault, this is just my process, I aint got a “brohawk”, don’t own a private jet, flows bout to snow ball cause a. domino effect, dinner’s on me just consider this a comp check,
grew up on the ro-call, ed lisa and dre, egg cheese and pork roll, never been to fenway, just a funky child back in nineteen nine trey,  guarding the state now, “NJ’s Sensei,”
But back to the jersey, shore show ya watch yes, round here we’d rather watch, Sean P or Rockness, or Lords of the Underground at the Brooklyn hip hop fest,
None a ya’s are even hot enough to be a hot mess

They won’t let ya’s into surf club,
Even on a wednesday, not in my house, mutumbo dikembe, wreck em with my eyes closed, foul line, MJ, and they
Can’t get into hemingways
So they’re always at karma, at karma,
Picking up some busted girls to jump onto
Banned from the best clubs down here
Get from get from round
Think I’m makin my sound clear
You’re all clowns yea

All shore with a minor stipulation
The real jersey shore is in the iso, lation
Booth right now with something priceless in the making, pop filter in front of the only “mic situation,” get the points like ya ran a red, don’t get salty like scrambled eggs cuz you’re soft as some sandwich bread, go workout or rock to it in your tanning bed, “Danson” like Ted I’ll be laughing like Sanford, Fred, with
More tsunamis to hit,
We all know that Ronny aint somebody we’d miss,
just another meatball eating pastrami n swiss, pumping his fist with the rest of you retards, vinny, angelina, sammy sweetheart, all just a trash pak, far from a class act, jwow’s past that, she’s on her last lap, she’s as gross as a plumber showing his ass crack, bunch of sleezes and snots, I’m disappointed in what millions of people’ll watch every season you shot is just another case, of a bunch of fakes, that ought to relocate to another place, a disgrace to italians, disgrace to new jersey, let’s throw in on the net and let’s see if it’s newsworthy, can’t be less frank, you got yourselves to thank, had to shut ya down like ashes in red bank”


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#wordplay … seventreyduece

I, kept it authentic – put it to great use, real jersey shore ‘sho’ from the seven trey duece, sophomore year Sev walked off the field and I walked off the court chose not to play hoop,  9 years later, our rhymes still glow like a lightsaber – style still light speeds greater,
than-what wannabe gangstas’ try to portray in the booth,
nOW-a-dAYS, me, I got to save loot, I try to do it as much as I used to blaze fruit,
nOW-a-dAYS, I tend to see less friends, my pen’s always working on another rhyme scheme, (nah mean)
writing the ticket out like a state troop …(saywhat?)
its, just me, myself, and irene, (what else)
a few writeous brothers and fly queens,
plus a shore tour bus O-side team, my bad billy but, I’m not gonna lie ‘jean’, we’ll be flooding a dry scene as far as I’ve seen and heard, #NewBreed no we didn’t just recently emerge, just remember that we’re keeping our word and
the lane’s looking more and more open, just in time for you to catch this sound, see, the best around go from ocean II ocean, leave em all drenched, (yeah) saturated, soakin, anybody mediocre mopin, one request to the dj would be the slogan … to be continued gotta keep it motion … “speakInVolumesS”

shores truly//http://soundcloud.com/shoreshot

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ShoreShot to be featured on ScopeMag.com “A2W” Artist 2 Watch sponsored by SonicBids

### morePROGRESS ### – the progresS reporter

I wanted to give you all the inside scoop on some exciting news, and show you what I was selected for earlier today.  I was notified that I will be featured on ScopeMag.com as a SonicBid, “A2W” (Artist To Watch). This will be my first official press release and will help out with exposure and booking a whole lot.  By reading what’s below, you’ll have a more in depth description of what I was selected for.  Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and for riding with me along the ‘Road II Glory’ … all love as always

Shores Truly //@shoreshot

Skopemag.com has brought back the famous, “Artist To Watch,” column in which 10 – 15 artists will be selected per month via Sonicbids submissions as Skope’s “Artist to Watch.” Last session a total of 36 artists were selected from every genre from country to alternative to hip hop.

The artists selected will be artists that Skope feels are doing music that is unique, powerful, and has loads of appeal to its readers. Janie Franz from Skope Magazine will pen the features.

Being featured on Skopemag.com is advantageous to any musician that is serious about their music career. With over 3 million hits and 500K unique visitors per month your band will be exposed to music enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Every edition is permalinked so even though you are featured in a past edition your coverage will be seen by Skope readers forever! As a discovery mechanism, a thumbnail will be posted at the bottom of each edition of A2W with a link to your Sonicbids EPK. That offers readers a quick and easy way to discover your band.

Skope has been in existence since Jaunary 2001 and has garnered a reputation as a leading music based media company. The magazine has covered bands from Panic At The Disco to 50 Cent to The Dodos, Flobots, and The Donnas. Being chosen to be featured on skopemag.com and Sonicbids A2W demands respect & attention of fans and industry insiders.

Skope has been featuring Sonicbids bands for over 2 years now, before in print & now online.

What is Skope Looking For?

The most important factor is the music. Skope has a panel of 5 Skope writers and executives that listen to each group, looking for music that is original, passionate, and has appeal.

Artists should be serious about their career in music. Your EPK should tell a story that provides a crystal clear vision into where your band has been and where you are trying to go.

Skope covers bands and musicians from all genres and from all over the globe.

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#wordplayoftheday by @shoreshot

for the grand opening “wordplay of the day” via wordpress, i wanted to share some early word specials off, ”speakInVolumes” …

Go ask slick and foniks it’s all hot,
tailor ham slamming from the pork roll spot,
action-packed to keep them back on their feet again,
“turn into gold” foils from ‘active ingredient’,
backslap donald duck rapping comedians,
more bars crash in like macks into medians,
shore II make em, get maxed on all mediums,
you wanna talk about volumes well we speak in them,
follow these statements of greatness,
more huge wave hits, that’s how we fall season them,
soundbreaking bombs, we’ll be releasing them,
jbraze two tre n cheef keep retweeting em,
more progresS facebook “news feeding” em,
got em all jacked up bout to act up,
like a meathead with a closet rack full of smediums,
send me his name if you’re saying i don’t compete with him,
watch eWald and every song i unleash with him,
watch se7eneves in north cak and how he’s leading them,
sly wit it, you know clubber lang loses,
watch t.business smother massachussets,
staying on track, keep laughing if its humorous,
and keep laughing as we’re smacking all the stooges,
and rappers start acting real chill like the goose is,
let’s see how many of you it actually amuses …

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